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Re: Has your perception of Trek changed in the last 10 years?

Funny about some people noticing the flaws more and finding them unpalatable.

With TOS I see more flaws than ever, but the charm factor is higher. Maybe it's having grown up with this series from my first days of watching television. But even still, I started watching TNG as an adult and while I went through a "can't stand the goody-goody everything is great depiction of the Federation", I've started to like it once more. Part of it is just visiting with the characters. Stewart was so great on so many levels. And even stiff ol' Riker, who I couldn't stand early on, has grown on me.

VOY got off to a rough start, but it was so fresh and new--totally fascinating. Then the Kazon scuffle kept dragging on and Seska was brought back (yech!). I honestly hate to say it, but 7of9 was a very positive turning point for the show. Not because of the overt appeal to sexually enticed teenage boys, but because of an intriguing character. Jeri Ryan did a great job with her, really honestly. And then VOY got crappy again with the "Borg kid". At least it ended on a great note.
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