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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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"I'm not sure where the disagreement is"?
From your thread and various comments on the issue of the "main energizers" I've drawn the conclusion that you assume the dilithium crystal (regeneration) room (i.e. where the crystals are "re-amplified" and/or "re-energized") from "The Alternative Factor" to be essentially the "main energizer" (or a Season One dilithium crystal converter assembly equivalent) through which the matter-antimatter annihilation energy passes to be transformed into energy for the warp drive and other applications.

I definitely don't think that's the case.
Ohh I see. That makes more sense now as your previous reply didn't mention where we differed.

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It's a room where the dilithium crystals relax and regenerate. By closing the drawers (!) Lt. Masters (science division) apparently put the crystals to 'sleep', not to 'work', IMHO.

Just because we didn't see the engine room/s in the engineering hull with the apparent dilithium crystal converter assembly and its casing during Season One, doesn't mean it wasn't there, yet.
I had thought about that but then I ask:
  1. If that energizer is where the crystals ONLY go to relax and regenerate, then after they were charged back up why were they still there when they were stolen both times considering Kirk needs them to power the ship?
  2. If the ship were in trouble, like in combat, have we seen the crew pull the crystals and run to a separate location to charge them back up and then run them back to the engine room to re-insert them in to make use of them? I'm thinking of "The Tholian Web" where Scotty estimated that he would "have about 80% power built up." But at the time they interphase, they were "only up to 76%" and they went with that. I just don't see crewman running back and forth to plug the crystals back in.
  3. In "Elaan of Troyius", do you think they had to run the crude necklace crystals over to a charging energizer before plugging them in to the crystal converter assembly?
IMHO, whatever energizer the crystals are plugged into should be able to both *charge* and *discharge* the crystals like a lithium-ion battery in a laptop or smartphone. I do believe that the main energizers were upgraded over time in TOS and that there was no separate charging station.

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In TWOK parlance, Kirk orders "Stop energizers." There's another place where Scotty says "The main energizer's been hit." They can no longer warp and can only give Kirk a "few shots" from the phasers. Later, iirc, the "energizers are back on-line" and they can go to warp. I'm not convinced that the energizers have anything to do with the dilithium crystals, and may have something to do with the warp coils or the "space matrix restoration coils" or even the "Chamber's Coil" that Uhura mentions.
Did you notice that Spock repaired the "mains" while he was inside the dilithium crystal room? That would seem like a pretty direct connection that dilithium crystals and main energizers go together, IMHO.

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Fascinating how all of these things can be interpreted so many different ways by so many different people.
So true...
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