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Re: Manti Te'o Makes Up Dead Girlfriend

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If this turns out to be true, Deadspin and this scandal just made a complete mockery of the mainstream media and their apparent lack of ANY background research into any part of this, focusing on emotion-laden headlines to get pageviews and viewers instead.
Gene Wojciechowski of ESPN already made a mockery of it (and himself) on live television tonight, on SportsCenter. He said that, prior to the tear-filled interview in October, he asked Te'o's camp if they could contact Kekua's family, and they responded that the family would prefer to be left alone. He requested a few photos of Kekua, and the request was denied. They did a search of all the area newspapers and didn't find an obituary, but they didn't ask for one from Te'o / his people. Nothing adds up about that, and any responsible journalist would have taken a step back and said, "Wait, what?" But Wojciechowski just kept on going, "I thought it was a little odd, but I decided to ignore it."

Just goes to show that even though "regular" journalism is a complete joke nowadays, sports journalism is a dumpster fire.
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