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Re: Superboy Season 2

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Superboy was a great show, I remember watching it every day after school here in Germany in the early 90s, it was my introduction to Superman and led to a lot of confusion when I saw the first movie later and was angry that they had replaced Lana with this Lois woman who wasn't very nice to Clark.
I only started liking Lois when I saw Lois & Clark, Teri Hatcher was great, I never warmed up to Margot Kidder's Lois.

Sadly Superboy was never repeated, the episode I remember the most was set in a parallel universe, Superboy was evil and ruled the world and that world's Lana was a suicide bomber who blew him and herself up with a kryptonite bomb strapped to her chest. I loved how badass she was, they'd never do an episode like that today.
I was never a big Kidder-as-Lois fan either. Noelle Neill remains my favorite.

And I may be one of the few people who actually liked Kate Bosworth as Lois.
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