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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II yesterday, and felt it was MUCH better than the first one.

Today I've finally been able to start Cold Equations Book III: The Body Electric! I'm about ten chapters in and I'm really enjoying it.

Up next is more Star Wars, with Shadow Games.

(And David & Saavik was one of my favorite romances when I was a teenager. Vonda McIntyre's take on them moved me so much that I had a much harder time accepting Robin Curtis's cold unemotional portrayal of Saavik, especially in the scene where she tells Kirk what's happened to David. It was only on learning that Curtis wanted to play the scene with some emotion and that Leonard Nimoy insisted she do it as a stoic full-Vulcan that I was able to eventually accept it! Not entirely fair on my part, but a compliment to McIntyre's writing.)
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