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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Tip-toeing about on eggshells, making sure you properly identify a person's race before you address them, is hardly more tolerant or more understanding. It's just more self-congratulatory and superficial.
That doesn't really happen as much as the Old Codgers ( ) say it does. Maybe it's just an American thing.
I've seen it happen often enough.

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I can't stand watching or reading the daily news anymore for the all the bullshit some people get worked up about.
In the city where I live, folks were upset over a pregnant 14 year old who was kidnapped by her boyfriend. You saying we shouldn't be upset by something like that?
You're taking my statement out of context. Of course a story such as you cite is naturally upsetting. But repeated stories of someone feeling slighted or offended for some presumed offence that isn't there gets tiresome real fast.
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