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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just to be fair here--though Voyager is my least favorite Trek show--the "cut off from home" premise was meant to make the exploration feel more like early TOS. However, you can never have that premise with a working starship, as presented in Star Trek. Firstly, you are in the galaxy, not limited by the resources of one planet, and equipped with a warp drive to access it all. Secondly, as long as you have raw material or even certain molecules, you can create anything with a replicator! Thirdly, the worst factor would not be survival but human frailty...psychological effects of space and conflict, missing loved ones, etc. But even here you have holodecks for therapy, counselors, and let's not forget, some very effective UFP ideology and training, for a crew that were mostly officers. Yes, these people are not the dim-bulbs from NuBSG who try to settle on planets when they should be running from the enemy. Ideology is what can make the impossible possible, as with the communists in Vietnam, bombing builldings with airplanes, or sending men to the moon.
Granted, but you would still expect a Captain to try to conserve energy and resources in a situation like that, and not let the crew waste it on so many silly Holodeck adventures. And having the ship survive countless Kazon and Borg(!) attacks with no lasting repurcussions or damage strained credibility to the breaking point as well.

Hell, even after a minor skirmish Picard would usually set course for the nearest Starbase at the end of an episode-- and that was for a freakin powerful, Galaxy-class starship! I have to imagine the dinky little Voyager would be in even more dire straights.

I didn't need VOY to be perfectly realistic or anything, but the show barely even tried to take it's premise seriously.
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