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I'll probably never go total veg, but eat meat less and less. Not for any particular ethical or health reason. Just don't feel like it. Like making things like greek salad, couscous and tabbouleh. Couscous must be the best fast food ever. Five minutes and done.
That's me. I recognize how meat is still an important part of being human. True, you can get by without it, but if you've been raised as an omnivore your body is well accustomed to (and benefits from) the intake of meat. The trouble that most people get into is eating too much of it, and often heavily fat saturated kinds. While I don't condone the Neanderthal diet (they did die out, afterall!), raw vegetables are very good for you but so is cooked meat on occasion.

But if health reasons necessitate eliminating meat, so be it--health is what is most important. However, if you can still be permitted to eat fish, pork, and chicken, I'd try not to eliminate those. Just eat sparingly. I find that when I do, I enjoy them all the more when I do eat them.
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