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Re: Replace duplicate actors.....

Nielsen and Asner were both good on THE WILD WILD WEST ... Nielsen was in the first Gene Coon ep, which in a lot of ways is the best -- along with NIGHT OF JACK OF DIAMONDS -- of the non-SF shows in the series.

Lots of crossover with WWW and TRek actors like William Schallert and Percy Rodrigues and Mark Lenard and William Windom and Leslie Parrish to name a few (and the Barrymore guy who flaked out and had to be replaced on ALTERNATIVE FACTOR -- he is VERY good as an indian in the aforementioned Nielsen ep (called something like NIGHT OF THE DOUBLE EDGED SWORD, I think. has Katherine Ross and Elija Cook too.)

WWW guest actresses ... man, consider Dawn Wells and Sharon Farrell as Yeomen!
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