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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Not really plausible to me as a real future, its just a modern period that's different, slighltly more advanced(except time travel), however, as a run of the mill scifi trope future, this show looks visually appealing. I must say I liked the first episode a lot, but in discussing it with my wife I realized once again that most scifi tv shows wind up being police procedurals in one way or another, and it looks like this show will shift into the high tech detective work bit in no time at all. As with most thrillers these days there's some sort of conspiracy going on, again a bit mundane. There were also lots of homages to Terminator: the bubble like time distortion, the attack on the police station, and potentially it looks as if the terrorists are going to go after originator of the tech or status quo, much as they did in T2...or alternately he regrets creating any of that and wants to stop himself from doing it.
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