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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Oldies are from the 60s. Classic rock is from the 70s. Get it right, people.
Dare I admit to watching silent movies on occasion?

(Just caught WEST OF ZANZIBAR with Lon Chaney Sr. the other morning. A weird, twisted movie.)
Well, as long as we're shaing, I'll admit to enjoying big band music from time to time.

As far as seeing a silent movie goes, the closest I've come to that was seeing TMP. Wait, I take that back. I saw Mel Brooks', "Silent Movie", but I doubt that's what you really had in mind, either.

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Ride around in the car with your teenager and put on any rock from the 1980s on back, and you'll quickly hear from the authority that they're all oldies and nothing is classic. It's dinosaur rock.
But how do they react to classic STAR TREK soundracks?
Well in my family, if you're familiar with "Seinfeld", they have a "Mary Hart moment" in reaction to exposure to Trek music. I am, alas, the only Trek fan in the family.
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