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I think the flow on benefits from going veg will be a change in taste which will lead to less over fatty processed foods. That salad you describe is perfect IMO, you let the natural juices and flavors develop.

I'm not veg but grew up in a health food family (didn't have white bread until I was at least 15). My mom was a poor, single parent hippy type and we existed on lentils, millet, tofu and miso and brown rice and vegies. There's a certain style of Veg food (moosewood era, if anyone knows that) that while I will eat it brings back too many mom and hostel days memories for me. Like Robert Maxwell says I love savory flavors and years of eating mostly asian has meant I don't do the blandness of a lot of traditionally vegetarian meals. And there's no reason for it either.

J. if you like red onion a small amount can really zip up anything. You don't need much and they last for a long time in the fridge. I love it but it's one food that gives me a headache oddly, still it's a great way to zip up a meal.

Are you following a Low G.I. diet for the most part?

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