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Re: Happy 18th to Voyager

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Voyager! Happy Birthday to you!

I watched "Caretaker" on 8th January 1997 on a borrowed VHS tape. It went on air where I live in March but then I had already watched the whole Season 1 (including Projections, Elogium, Twisted and The 37's).

Borrowing the "Caretaker" VHS tape was also because of some strange coincident. A short time before that, I had taped a DS9 episode, "Move Along Home" from TV because I wasn't at home that evening. But when I was going to watch it, there had been some technical problems at the TV station which aired it so just when Sisko and the others find themselves in that maze, the screen went gray and stayed that way during the whole episode. For some reason, I decided to visit a video store where it was possible to rent VHS tapes for a sum of money to see if they had the episode. They didn't but they had the whole season 1 of Voyager. So I decided to watch "Caretaker" instead. And I was hooked!
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