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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Tsunkatse: Very exciting episode. Creative and fun premise, memorable guest characters, good action, and a nice 7 of 9 development episode!
The best part about Tsunkatse was Hertzler (best known to Trek fans as Martok). That was the only good thing about Tsunkatse. It was a meaningless filler episode, and was a horrible example of stuntcasting with The Rock, seeing as how at the time Voyager and WWE Smackdown were UPN's two most recognizable shows.
Filler? Maybe....but IMO entertaining filler. And as I mentioned before, 7 went through some nice development in this episode. Her more compassionate and merciful side was exposed and developed in this episode. So it wasn't completely filler.

The actors looked like they were having such a great time doing this episode, not bored like they sometimes do. That excited me and drew me into what was happening.
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