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Re: How did guest stars react?

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Remember, those sets are just plywood, sheet metal, cheap carpet and paint. What we see as a finished episode, isn't what the actors see on set.
Correct, but they might still be impressed.

Anyway, this is how I think they react:

Famous guest star: It's an honor to be here. Now, I want to fight the lion!

Producer: Sorry sir. This is Star Trek and there are no lions in this episode.

Famous guest star. What? No lion? I demand a lion! I'm a star. Star, star, star AND I WANT TO FIGHT THE LION!!!!!

Producer(to writer): Quick! Add a lion to the story and let him fight it!
There's a nearly identical story of when they were filming TOS' "Shore Leave". Shatner really wanted to wrestle with the tiger and they had to talk him out of it.
My, oh my! I didn't know that. I stole the "Lion scenario" from a Monty Python sketch and changed it a bit.
Who'd let that cat in here?

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