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A good comparison is her speech in "Behind the Lines." Brooks gives the exact same speech at the beginning of the episode, and the contrast of the two is night and day.
Ahh thank you.. i was going to use that episode and the "take a good look at this people.." speeches as an example but it obviously slipped my mind. I actually started cringing before she started talking when i realised she was about to address a room full of starfleet personnel.. and her delivery was even worse than i was expecting..

I definitely noticed that her character fluctuated quite a bit over the course of the 6 seasons (not quite as accurately as you did), and i was quite tolerant of her for the first few seasons, but it was her 'final form' that i really couldn't stand. I swear there were entire episodes where she did not say one serious thing.. I mean i'm all for a character that lightens the mood, but with her it just seemed relentless. This was also hard to reconcile with the fact that she's supposed to be the product of 7 lifetimes worth of wisdom and experience etc.. she's basically just a smartass?

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I've often thought the reason for all this was because there was early consensus amongst the staff that Farrell would be the first to leave--or they wanted her to go the most.
I had very similar thoughts, but i was more focused on what the rest of the cast felt about acting along side her. I saw such a gulf in the performances of say, Farrell and Brooks (as they had many scenes together), that i often wondered if it was difficult for him to maintain his own high standards in those scenes when you have someone that's not pulling their weight. I also had the same feeling in scenes with Farrell and Visitor (who is fantastic imo).. One episode in particular when they go on a mission to find a derelict shuttle or fighter that's been hidden in a cave since the occupation (you know the one). The cockpit banter was just painful.

I kind of assumed or hoped that it would've created problems behind the scenes, or fans in general would've rejected her and that she would've done a Tasha Yarr on us. But i guess she wasn't as unpopular an actress or character as i thought she would've been..
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