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Re: Your Top Five DS9 Supporting Characters

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Haha, that was literally one of the greatest scenes in DS9.

As for Kai Winn? Pretty much the embodiment of a Lawful Evil character. So artificially syrupy, a vicious mean streak, all under the guise of a fair cloak. Sure you hated the character... that was so often the point.

Always makes you wonder why she helped Sisko at the end. Did she regret what she did, and wanted to make up for it or was she just pissed off at Dukat?
I'm inclined to believe the latter. I can't imagine her doing anything for altruistic reasons.

On another note, what does everyone think about Vic Fontaine? I really like him, but I know some people who don't.
He's alright. Darren's a pretty good singer, but when he was singing for over half the episode in His Way, it was just... ugh. If I wanted to listen to some 50's music, I'd be listening to that... not watching DS9.

He was meh... alright I guess, despite the poor first impression overall. Even if he is the virtual Mary Sue of holograms. He could do it all.

It's Only a Paper Moon was probably his best episode. Go figure that was a character piece too, which is what DS9 really did best. Nog hiding away from the world, while Vic's is vastly expanded by virtue of Nog's isolation. It was a nice balance piece and Vic did sacrifice a good bit to boot Nog back into the real world. Was also a nice episode that really touched on how much war sucks, even though there wasn't a single action scene.

Bada Bing Bada Bang was also a fun episode, if somewhat silly. DS9 does Ocean's 11 pretty much, but it was fun to watch. Him being a brawler/terrorist/whatever he was in the mirror universe was random, but funny.

Other than that... he really just seemed forced into a lot of episodes yet didn't contribute much.
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