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Re: What unseen Star Trek event do you want to read about next?

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And on an unrelated matter, I'd still like to know why it's supposedly verboten to post links to fanfic - especially when it's already on the bloody TBBS to begin with...
It's more that discussing story ideas or the contents of fanfic is inappropriate on a board frequented by professional Trek authors, since we can't allow ourselves to be aware of such things. Posting a link to a fanfic isn't quite the same thing, but I can imagine a scenario where I or Greg or Kirsten or Dave or someone might inadvertently click on the link without realizing what it's for. So if nothing else, such links should be clearly marked as fanfic. But since, as you say, there's already a Fan Fiction forum just a click or two away, I'm not sure there's any good reason to post direct links in Trek Literature. So maybe it's an "err on the side of caution" thing rather than a "verboten" thing.
Exactly my point, Christopher. I figured "for the writers' and editors' sake" would make it clear enough, but I guess not. I'm not a moderator or anything, I have no idea if there's a rule against posting fanfic links in TrekLit, but it seems like a good thing to avoid, to prevent any potential misunderstandings as you describe above.

And please note, I never said "verboten" or anything similar in any language. I only said "not cool."
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