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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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That said, he and I joke a lot about racial topics. He calls me a cheap Jew; I call him a lazy schwartze. We're buddies, comfortable joking that way for the very reason that we don't believe these things for a second.
Would you say that stuff to someone you didn't know that well? A casual acquaintance?
Of course not. But the writers of Star Trek are depicting people who are intimate friends, and comrades in arms.
There's a lovely scene where Lincoln calls Uhura a "charming Negress," and immediately apologizes. She is bemused by his feeling the need to apologize, as there's simply nothing wrong with being black.

Obama got a Nobel prize for being elected while half-black. Is that the kind of world you applaud?
Would you rather we go back to reading via candlelight, because Electricity was changing things too much? XD
No. I'd rather a world where the president get evaluated for his qualifications and record rather than his skin tone. That's the world Star Trek tried to depict. That's the world Dr. King spoke of. A Nobel 6 days into office? Really? For what?

Veering back to the subject matter:
We know that Nimoy's wardrobe was originally slightly different from the rest of the cast's, to further set him off as different. I've always believed that Nimoy brought a lot of the Jewish experience in America to his portrayal of Spock - always the outsider, deeply private, with an unknown, practically mystical (and much misunderstood) mystique about him.
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