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Re: Does It Get Better???

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That's why Trek is escapist fiction.
Humanity isn't headed in the direction we see in Trek.
It's also in a way you really shouldn't compare "Inner Light" to "Memorial" because the message, scenarios and reason behind both are completely different. The only similarity is the "Quantum Leap" syndrome. One isn't about politics or social injustice, the other is. "Memorial" is a ep. that allows us to do just what we're doing now, discuss and debate it more so than "Inner Light". They didn't want you to feel good after seeing it, they wanted you to be uncomfortable because that's what real war is. It's not even pretty as DS9 made it where the good guys don't get killed during it.
I agree. Despite their commonalities, they're very different episodes with entirely different purposes.

While I may not have particularly enjoyed it, I agree there's a lot to be discussed in Memorial. Glad we're having this conversation.
It's refreshing to get a different POV on the ep.

BTW, I'm glad you really enjoyed "One Small Step".
I liked it for the same reason you did and I think it was great hearing Seven give the Yankees score at the end.
It gave it great heart.

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Tsunkatse: Very exciting episode. Creative and fun premise, memorable guest characters, good action, and a nice 7 of 9 development episode!
Not great but I enjoyed it too.
I liked "The Running Man"/Mojo World concept.
I just wished they used more laytex make up on The Rock to make him more alien looking instead of looking like himself. As an up and coming actor, I think they should have made him more part of the story. Like teaming up with Seven & the Hirogen to escape or the opposite, a slave that wishes to stay. I think it would have added a little more to the ep.
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