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Going Veggie

or... "Give in to deliciousness, the Pretzel Wagon way!"

[This thread started by recommendation of teacake. ]

After seeing my blood glucose numbers consistently pushing 240+ on a daily basis, even with medication, and my blood pressure climbing into the 180s, even with medication, I finally had to draw the line. I'd tried vitamins, different medicines and medicine schedules, exercises, meditation, and fasting, and my numbers were still too high.

So I did something I had once tried years ago (for a year), I went vegetarian.

"John", you might say, "why would you do that? I mean, not to question your life choice or look like a complete jerk raining judgment down upon you like the fish of an angry god, but why not just eat lean meats?" to which I reply, "because I was always predisposed to enjoying veggies more than meat, I don't really eat much meat, and the more vegetables I eat, the healthier I will be, you silly goose."

And 3 days in, it already seems to be paying off. My blood glucose numbers, which were hovering above the 240s before I made the switch, have been running around 200. I can only hope the trend continues downward. My blood pressure was 139/84 yesterday, so it looks like I'm seeing progress there as well.

What I find so far is that I don't feel that I've lost anything by making this change. My meals are filling, and delicious, I have more energy now than I did even 3 days ago. Physically speaking, I feel better. There's no meat in my diet, but I don't miss it. Yesterday I had a salad with Romaine lettuce, dark kidney beans, and diced tomatoes. I added a little parmesan cheese (no salt), a dash of olive oil, and let it sit in the fridge for two hours. I wanted to eat the whole bowl, it was so good, but I spaced it out over 2 meals, and had an apple in between.

I'm not hungry, my blood sugar is slowly moving toward normal numbers, as well as my blood pressure, and I can only hope that from here, things continue to improve.

So for me, going veggie was for health reasons, though I have to admit that I often thought about the animal that was now on my plate, and I'd feel a twinge of guilt. Yes, we're omnivores, yes, circle of life, and all of that, but it still bothered me, so by not eating meat, I have started on my way to accomplishing two goals:

1) To being healthy, and less dependent upon medication, and preventing the need for future medications.
2) To easing my own convictions about what I eat and what's involved in getting that food to my plate.

If you want to share why you've gone Vegetarian, why you're considering it, or why you don't feel you can, or if you want to share some recipes or ask questions, drop a line in this thread.
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