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Re: Stormfront would have been better if...

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Given the possibilities of the Eugenics Wars or WWIII, one wonders why the writers dipped back into the familiar and overused well of alien Nazis?
Because showing man's penchant for irrational prejudice and violence and going back to an iconic symbol of man's hatred of his fellow man was in keeping with the overall theme of season 4, which was the devlopment of man as seen through earth's quest to conqueor the stars.

In SF we see Archer almost smugly tell Alicia how in the 23rd century, man had defeated racial prejudice. But we see in the season 4 finale, (talking about Demons/TP here) that man had only traded racial prejudice for xenophobia.

To me, this was a bigger issue than Star Trek prequelly stuff and it helped to have a 'real world' symbol of man's primitive nature (the Nazis) in the season's frst episode to add some perspective. SF 1 and 2 weren't perfect episodes and (truth be told), I complained like everyone did back then about a two-parter when one should have sufficed, but when season 4 ended I appreciated them much more.
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