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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Re: Composers

McCarthy was good, better than Chattaway imho. He did excellent work for Encounter at Farpoint which he reused. Notably the Q chase score & the Picard theme (can't remember if that was first heard in EaF? Or the Child?) which we heard alot before the sonic wallpaper watershed. Also liked Yesterdays Enterprise score. Not really many themes though?

Chattaway came too late, he came after Ron Jones was fired and after that occured all use of themes seemed to disappear because the music was deliberatley dumbed down and moved into the background. He came in during the sonic wallpaper era and therefore everything he did sounded the same... mostly (talking about TNG only here) TIN MAN is the notable exception. This episode was made when the producers where more 'liberal' about the music and allowed the composers to do what they wanted. Contrast Tin Man to something Chattaway does in season 5. Tin Man is up there with...

Ron Jones. He consistently delivered the best scores. He wrote a theme for each episode he did that really added to the episode and set the tone or built up tension etc.

11001001: The Bynar Theme and various docking music & the music building upto the Bynars stealing the Enterprise. Really good!
We'll always have Paris: Very 'spooky'... not much to it but it fits in perfectly with the episode and its mysterious time events.
Where Silence has Lease: Music at the end when the auto destruct is cancelled.
The Neutral Zone: The Romulan music that built up tension at the end!
Q Who: The Borg music that we will hear again later in the series.
Evolution: Just listen to the music at the start and slightly later when the Enterprise is sent spiraling out of control into the stellar matter.
Booby Trap: Some of the best stuff in the series!
The Defector: Romulan score is back!
Best of Both Worlds!
Brothers: Music when Data disables life support
Final Mission: Music when the shuttle is out of control
Night Terrors: Spooky stuff which fits in with the tone of the ep.

All themes, all (mostly) different. These are the ones that stand out for me. Later in the show it all seems to be turned off, relegated to background and the same tones recycled every week by both composers who are reigned in. Themes gone.
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