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Re: VOTE: Media/TV Av Contest: Comebacks

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Whoa...this is my first win, and therefore my first time running a contest! Is there a "how to" posted somewhere for me to try to sort out how to put the poll together?

Please be patient with me...this new old model laptop and I do not work well together, so I may be asking lots of questions a 6 year old would know the answer to!

Thanks for the votes everyone!

I'll try to have a category soon!
You pick a theme and set the parameters (such as movies only or SF&F is or is not allowed.)

When you go to set up the voting thread, use the multi quote function to get avs into one thread. When you get to the last av, use the regular quote function and you'll have all of the avs in one post.

Then you can rearrange them or not. Most of us alphabetize by name, but it's not mandatory.
I make a list on a piece of paper of the names in the order they'll be listed in the poll (mainly so I don't misspell).

Just before you submit the post of the avs, scroll down and you'll be asked if you want to post a poll.

You'll also be asked how many options do you want, i.e. our names.

There is a space at the top of the poll where you can post the number of votes we get.

You also have the option of setting how many days you want the poll to be open and whether you want the votes to be public.

I know is seems complicated -- I had the worst time when I first started doing these polls. In fact I had to do a few of my early efforts more than once.

Good luck!
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