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Re: Has your perception of Trek changed in the last 10 years?

About ten years ago I would have been starting to come out of my 'burned out on Trek' phase, which kicked in just before the end of DS9 and which lasted 3 or 4 years. I started to get back into it once the DVDs came out, starting with DS9 which had always been my fave, and down from there to my 2nd fave, TOS, and then on to 3rd fave TNG.

Now, before my burnout, Star Trek had been my fave show ever. As in all Trek. Everything. The whole franchise was wonderful and absolutely perfect to the teenager I was then - but by the time of these DVD rewatches my critical faculties had developed somewhat, so I was a lot less forgiving of the bad stuff. I was beginning to see the various series more for what they were. But in the cases of DS9, TOS and TNG, what I saw were some pretty darn good TV series on the whole. Good, but not perfect.

So far, so good. I was back on board with Trek.

Then it was time to give Voyager another go. Now this one did defeat me. Managed to get through the just-about-okay-ish first two seasons, but season three utterly finished me off. The characters seemed to get progressively stupider week after week, which for a while wasn't so bad actually. I sat back and laughed at the goofy adventures of the stupidest crew in the history of Starfleet, but that only took me so far. By season three their stupidity was wearing very thin, and with the junking of all the Kazon/Seska stuff (as lame as that was) at the start of the year the series suddenly had no direction, no real point. Alter Ego was the final straw, by the end of that one I was literally lying on my side burbling "Make it stop. Make it stop..."

So my feelings on Voyager now are...well, I can watch it if there's nothing else on. There's still a little bit of nostalgia in me for it, and I know it did get a lot better after Jeri Ryan joined up. But that was a major change in my Trek perceptions, the discovery that Voyager wasn't on the same level as the others and that I didn't need to own any of it.

That, and discovering that the Animated Series - which I barely remembered at all - was actually pretty darn good.
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