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Re: I am going Down Under!

sorry my sister has no tips for Brisbane. She's responsible only for exchanges with unis in North America, Europe and Asia.
A German travelling site's survey resulted in the following top 10:

#1 CityCat Ferry
#2 South Bank Parklands
#3 Riverlife Adventure Center
#4 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
#5 Catholic Old St Stephen's Church
#6 Suncorp Stadium
#7 Brisbane Botanic Gardens
#8 Roma Street Parkland
#9 The Brisbane River
#10 Queensland Art Gallery

I would also like to add:
Mt Coot-tha
Queensland Performing Arts Center
Science Center
St Helena Island
Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Btw, the afore mentioned German site recommends buying the Gold Coast Card. With it you get cheaper rates for ferries and buses. (But that refers to the needs of tourists. Maybe there are even better rates for monthly or weekly cards or special rates for students.)
You can also get useful tips at your local students exchange office. And of course from your fellow students.

This might also be useful (esp. the "getting started" mentioned in chapter "Orientation")

Here is a lot of info about the costs and the university itself. On page 4 there's a list of the students exchange coordinators which might be useful in case you have a problem.
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