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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

ANWAR - Yes, I understood which scenes we were referencing, and how you view them; but thanks for trying to bring me some clarity, just the same.

The difficultly I am having is understand Why your personal experiences with racism are not reflected in your view of MR SPOCK in case where RACISM is directed toward him.

BEAKER FULL OF DEATH - It is interesting how the 1966 STAR TREK writers (clever are they) used the character of LOKAI (LTBYLB) to further show how those who outwardly and actively trumpet being members of an oppressed 'community' met a society which gave them freedom from that oppression in an environment - which as you say 'Did not give a rats ass' as to which end of their body received the big make-up tube.

If you will recall, LOKAI abused that freedom and violated the rights of the ENTERPRISE CREW by running about, aggressively trying to jam his personal agenda down the throats of any unsuspecting victim he could, even when his intended victims expressed they 'Did not want to know'; or in one scene, on those he was able to lure into a group setting, by promising a rewarding oral performance.

The STAR TREK writers adroitly used parallelisms to combat CENSORSHIP & TARGETED THREATS OF RETRIBUTION - being the working tools of those who abuse their position of authority to promote their personal agenda - designed purely to serve their own end - while simultaneously attempting to discourage any open and free exchange of ideas which may invoke critical reasoning among a people - as that open exchange of thought would surely cause the cracks of the 'Agenda Pushers' to be exposed, and reveal their corruption.

It is interesting how the symbolism & parallelisms contained in the 1966 STAR TREK stories remains topical and relevant today on issues of RACISM.

But,..perhaps we have missed the another message illustrated by LET THAT BE YOUR LAST BATTLEFIELD by the overt misdirection of the RACISM theme.

And perhaps that may explain MR SPOCK, and his apparent attitude toward LOKAI and his apparent issues,.. maybe he senses something more sinister is lurking under the covers in this story,... and at the bottom of it all.

In either case, regardless of his race, LOKAI is simply a badly behaved character, and a perfect reflection of those who trumpet their oppression to advance and meet another end.

By the way, is anyone else suffering from being "Punted Off-line" every 30 seconds or so, and having trouble posting?

I assume this is purely a technical reason.

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