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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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In TET, Janeway learns that the choice she made to work with her future self and get her ship home earlier than it had in Admiral Janeway's timeline created a problem. Had she not done what she did, her ship would have closed Omega on their own, losing Seven in the process and apparently erasing the Q from existence, but still....her choice in Endgame set other events in motion she could never have predicted.
I'm not talking about the novel plot designed for bringing the character back from the dead.

I'm talking about altering the lives of billions possibly wiping many of the from history itself because she didn't like how everything turned out.

I don't see how this exagerrates the importance of her existence...any more than any other Starfleet officer who has ever been up against an existential threat.
My problem was the Janeway was the only one who could save the day thing, thats what exagerrates the importance of her existence

TET is essentially a story of her choosing to return to help clean up a mess she had a hand in creating. How is that not the exact opposite of her getting out of the consequences of her actions?
Because its a crisis in the story that doesn't deal with any of the other crap that was a result of Endgame.

She's still a strong person, still Kathryn Janeway, but damn. Too arrogant? I don't think so. To stubborn?
When you're questioning the captain of the freaking federation flagship who's pretty knowledgeable about the Borg and threatening disciplinary action WHEN HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT THERE BEING A BORG SHIP yes she was.

Nor do I recall her ever suggesting that anyone shouldn't fear the Borg.
Actually she was during the first Christie Golden duology as part of her response to Starfleet's understandable paranoia about s Borg assimilation nano virus outbreak on Earth.

Honestly the main reason I'm annoyed with Janeway is you made Eden more likable than Janeway and then had her go away as part of bringing Janeway back not to mention I just don't care for character resurrections.

Plus it doesn't help that Janeway's last appearances before or set before her death involved her acting like she was better than characters I like more aka Picard and Martok.
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