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Re: What unseen Star Trek event do you want to read about next?

I'd like stories and histories about man's sub-light exploration of the solar system, before warp speed and going interstellar with aliens and all that.

We know there were DY-100 and DY-500 class vessels
and Christopher's Earth-Saturn probe and the VOY eps about the Mars mission and some ENT eps in the solar system in S4. Is that about it?

Those details don't really tell the stories behind the early explorations.

Cochrane and warp drive came along in 2063 and it seems man took off at lightspeed before getting around to the solar system.

If ENT shows Vulcans holding Earth back for a century or so, I'd imagine that's when the solar system was explored and settled. I'd like those stories.

I know the years are not canon but I always enjoyed the log entries and events of solar system exploration in the Spaceflight Chronology. Stuff like that.
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