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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Well, since everyone is talking about it, I guess I'll answer my first question from the first post. Based off my experience, I'd go with (and I did go with, which is obvious to anyone who followed this topic ) B5. Farscape had a good first season, and some good main characters, but then it went downhill with season 2, with a mediocre villain, a horrible addition to the cast (who came in at the very end of Season 1, actually) and a big drop in the quality of the writing. There were enough bright spots to make me keep going for awhile after season 1, but after a very jumping the shark moment

I stopped watching. That was the last staw for me, and I gave up on the show. I still like a lot of the characters (John, Aeryn, Rygel, D'Argo, Pilot) and the basic idea of the show. I just wish different writers could have been given the chance to do something with it. There were seriously some episodes of Farscape which were the some of the worst Sci Fi TV episodes I've ever seen (although Star Trek - Voyager's "Someone to Watch Over Me " still hasn't been dethroned as the worst Sci Fi thing i've ever seen on TV). To be fair, there were also some amazing episodes, like The Way We Weren't, but it wasn't enough. Babylon 5 had a decent First Season, and I'm really enjoying Season 2. The characters are interesting, the story is good, and overall its a good show.

Speaking of season two, here's my thoughts on the last episode I watched:

Hunter, Prey - This was a good episode. Kosh's ship looked pretty cool, except when they decided they needed to zoom in on the surface, which looked like a PS1 texture.I get that the technology at the time wasn't great, but they had to have known that it looks really bad zoomed in, yet they kept doing it. When it wasn't zoomed in, it looked fine.More conspiracy stuff with Sheridan, and more mystery from Kosh. It was interesting to see another actor who played a disloyal Star Trek officer make an appearance in B5 (Bernie casey, who plays the government agent trying to get the doctor back in this episode, played the officer who joins the Maquis in DS9's "The Maquis"). The reveal about Kosh's ship was cool. Overall, a good episode.
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