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Re: Your Top Five DS9 Supporting Characters

Ryva Brall wrote: View Post
1. GARAK. Do I even have to explain why Garak is number one? I loved that guy from the second he sat down next to Bashir, with his charming smile and unsettling gaze. His character is so deep and complex and multi-faceted, he'd be right at home in any Shakespeare play. It's no coincidence that the best DS9 episodes just happen to be the ones with Garak in them. It's also no coincidence that if you type "Garak is awesome" into a certain popular search engine, you'll get about half a million results. Nothing could ever persuade me to turn my back on Garak, but I'd love to have lunch with him.
I totally agree with you here with the caveat I don't really consider Garak to be a supporting character. The only reason Andy was never added to the front credits was logistical. (See: money.)

They were going to swap out Lofton for him at one point, but Robinson refused insisting Cirroc need the extra cash to pay for school (or some such).

I do remember reading an article once that suggested, after Spock, Garak had become the most popular character in all of Trekdom.

And I love Nog too. I thought I was the only one who did.

I cringe whenever Kai Winn appears on-screen. But I suppose the fact that she can provoke such a strong response is what makes her such a good character.
Yup. That's the whole point. Fletcher is just so good at making you hate her. She's just so vile and creepy and knows just where to stick the dagger and how to twist it.

I've always though Winn was one of the more unappreciated Trek villains. I mean it's freaking Nurse Ratched as an evil pope turned dictator. How can that not be awesome?

Dale Sams wrote: View Post
I LOVE Damar.
So did B'Elanna.

Wooot! jus made ma avatahhhh.
It's missing the bottle of kanar.
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