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Re: Did Klingon culture become too stereotyped by the end of DS9?

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Couldn't disagree more.
Manichean ToS Klingons whose sole motivation is "doing it for the evulz" is not good writing, TNG/ENT Klingons having their defined philosophy and motivations is much better.
I humbly disagree. TOS Klingons are mostly well-rounded. Kang and Kor of course. As for Trelane in a Klingon outfit and the Mod Squad guy....ehhhhh.

I love the Klingons in their first TNG appearance. (and the score for that ep) I love Martok. I wish Gowron had more layers, but he definitly has an arc. But I felt way too many post TOS Klingons were just doing a "Dorn accent imitation"
For some reason, I always thought that Michael Ansara as Kang in the Original series was the first to show the mannerisms of the proud honorable Klingon at that time. I always loved what the Klingons tried to represent, though many didn't live up to the ideals.
"Great men do not seek power, they have power thrust upon them" Worf, son of Mogh after he killed Gowron, and gave the chancellorship to Martok.
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