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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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(No spoilers from me I think. This is only stuff I knew after watching the first episode.)

You missed something.

There's a smirk you can't help but knowing that it's from a man in the know who really shouldn't be.

Forces are in conflict to produce fate in a crucible like a bathtub.

Besides if Liber8 had control of the prison, this is how they decided to use it, to travel back in time 5 years to upset the government before they were wanted, ironically using the states own execution device which was supposed to kill them as power source to jump back in time?


And her husband!

Trying to get her to runaway prematurely before shit got real because he knows something bad is about to happen, did we actually see him hand over part of a temporal device? Never mind, his complicity was obvious, but his complicity in what and for who?

Surely not Liber8?

He's Alec's second, making him one of the most powerful Personal assistants on Earth... Vice President?

They cast the fricking smoking man as old Alec!

That guy just wheezes conspiracies.

(Yes Alec was the one in the future smirking before and after Kiera was taken who I mentioned earlier. It was totally a "Mission Accomplished" smirk.)

Liber8 is a pawn and it's blatantly obvious from the first episode.

Besides, who else but a billionaire industrialist could invent a time machine?

That's how the Ra's Al Ghul tracked down Batman's secret identity. He looked to see who was buying the tech that Batman was using and drew a bee line form those purchases to the Batcave.

Carry on.
Quoted because I have to agree with a lot of the parts I understand.

Young Alek knows Liber8's "plan" from Kiera. Old Alek wants Liber8 to carry out the plan because it was part of his life. He didn't want to change his own past despite the collateral damage in the Liber8 attack. Plus, it probably vastly increased his power to be one of the few survivors.

But, why does Liber8 carry out this plan? There's no way this plan makes sense from their perspective. Either they are crazy for conceiving the plan on their own (and the Alecs got caught up in it,) or they are crazy for blindly following a corporate leader who, no surprise at all, sold them out. The only surprise would be that he sold them out by sending a Protector back to keep them from succeeding in the past, instead of just blowing them up.

Incidentally, quantum mechanics doesn't really have any place for a spacetime continuum, The very existence of time in our sense is a highly controversial question in QM. It's general relativity that currently has solutions allowing closed timelike curves (physics journal jargon for time travel.)
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