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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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The source of this FDR quote is...?
I have absolutely no idea.
You should get some idea, if you expect anyone to take what you say seriously.
My idea is that this is obviously not a textbook quote. Certainly nothing addressed to the public. It's possible that it's a "misquote". It's possible that it's sort of an urban legend. It's possible that it's been completely made up.

Even if it was made up, that doesn't change my position that ethnicity has historically been a major factor in the election of our presidents, our current president being a drastic ground breaker.

If you're truly questioning my stance, then that would bring up the question as to what is your opinion? Do you think Americans always had a melting-pot mentality to where ethnicity played no part? Or do you think there was a significant/drastic or gradual cut-off somewhere (60's, 70's, 80's...)?

Of course I'm also not that sure if it's an issue of my stance, or an issue of loosely throwing out an FDR quote he may not have made? Is this an offense to FDR issue? Do you feel I need to make some sort of apology?
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