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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Vendikarr wrote:
Then you should stop reading books, watching television and going to the movies, because yes, the plots have all been done.
I don't have to do anything of the kind. There are some plots I don't mind seeing more than once. The high-tech time-travelling cop isn't one of them.

This show is the same as the others mentioned only in the basic description of the show concept "Future cop travels through time to capture escaped criminals."
This is like saying "The A380 and the Boeing 787 are only the same in the sense that they're both passenger airplanes." Right. That would be the point.

After that, the story is all in what they do with it. And from looking at the details, the three shows mentioned are each very different.
The only significant difference is the cop is a hot chick. Time Cop had a computer nerd helper and the cop in Time Trax had advanced computerized assistance (SELMA). Continuum isn't even 6 degrees of separation, much less "very different."

Christopher wrote:
^Right. Every story's been done. Story is a framework, a foundation on which you build. It's how you build on that framework that matters. And I find Continuum to be a far more interesting, nuanced, and creative take on the "cop pursuing criminals into the past" framework than Time Trax or especially Timecop ever managed to be.
She has a kid and corporations rule the world. That's not nuance or creativity. That's pandering, to soap-opera lovers and anti-capitalists.

Time Cop was a bad TV show. No kidding. Time Trax was interesting enough to make me a loyal viewer and a gender change and having the nerd grow up to be Cancer Man isn't enough to make me think Continuum is any huge leap forward in telling this particular story.
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