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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

His textures look really good, but I'm not too keen about the morphs in that set. They look more simian than feline. Of course, one does not have to use his morphs since others exist.

But there's a technical issue. the "CatWorld" set is for Michael and Victoria 4. Aiko 3 employs a very different mapping scheme, one that allows A3, H3, M3, SP3 and V3 to share textures, but they are not compatible with the Gen' 4 figures. I would need to use 3D-Universe's "Texture Converter" with the V4 and A3 plug-ins to reshape them if I wanted to use the CatWorld "pelts" upon Aiko 3.

But if you normally use Michael and Victoria 4, you won't have a problem.


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