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Re: Anti-Spock racism/general disrespect for the XO

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Tip-toeing about on eggshells, making sure you properly identify a person's race before you address them, is hardly more tolerant or more understanding. It's just more self-congratulatory and superficial.
That doesn't really happen as much as the Old Codgers ( ) say it does. Maybe it's just an American thing.

That said, he and I joke a lot about racial topics. He calls me a cheap Jew; I call him a lazy schwartze. We're buddies, comfortable joking that way for the very reason that we don't believe these things for a second.
Would you say that stuff to someone you didn't know that well? A casual acquaintance?

Obama got a Nobel prize for being elected while half-black. Is that the kind of world you applaud?
Would you rather we go back to reading via candlelight, because Electricity was changing things too much? XD
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