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Re: Is Star Trek Interracially revolutionary?

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Michael Dukakis was the Democratic nominee for President in 1988 over 20 years ago. Spiro Agnew was a heartbeat away from being the President 40 years ago. Mario Cumo and Rudy Giuliani have been touted as viable Presidential candidates for decades and Giuliani even ran.
There's never been a law against non Anglo-Saxons/Dutch running for president, but:

“This is an English and Dutch country! Everyone else is here on sufferance,” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

None of those candidates, no matter how close, actually became president...

So we're left a little bit in the dark as to how much, if any of that, was at least partially due to non-Northern European ethnic phobia?
However there were laws against Catholics running for office in some states.
The States at that time were sort of like mini-European theocracies, so I think that was mostly a theological issue than ethnic, although ethnicity may have had some part.

Even today, 6 States I believe have a law that states that one must believe in a higher power to run for office.
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