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Re: Voyager - What if...?

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Realisticlly, if we use a WW2 the end of the Dominion War, ENSIGNS we saw in season 2 of DS9 would have their own ships.
Realistically, with the increase in life expectancy of humans, most officers would remain an Ensign for 10+ years, and wouldn't make Captain before 50 years in the service. There should be thousands, if not tens of thousands, of officers in the Starfleet, and there just shouldn't be that many Captaincy's to go around.

The fact that we saw so many officers make Captain inside of 10 years out of the Academy is plain bewildering (Picard included). The only thing more egregious is nuKirk getting promoted to Captain prior to ever graduating from the Academy in the first place.

I realize this contradicts what we see on screen, so working within the framework of "it's ridiculously fucking easy to become Captain by 30" means Riker should have been Captain by 30.

I compare it to the apprenticeship line from ST:INS, where the students are making master quality quilts prior to even becoming apprentices. When you have that much time to get it right, then take your time and get it right.
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