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Re: Let's See Your STAR TREK Stuff!

Well, I'm not going to pull everything out and photograph it, but around the house is the following:
  • Remnants of circa-1969 Enterprise and Klingon ship models (saucer diameter 8 to 9 inches)
  • SBS edition of Star Trek (Blish adaptations), circa 1968, and ordinary Bantam editions of Star Trek 2 through 8 and Spock Must Die!, all purchased new
  • Program book from January 1975 Star Trek convention, Americana Hotel, New York City; a few uniform patches and a "Phaser Equipped/Warp Drive Powered" bumper sticker procured there
  • Original editions of The Making of Star Trek and The World of Star Trek, both purchased new
  • I Am Not Spock
  • I Am Spock
  • Nick Meyer's memoir The View from the Bridge
  • Paramount VHS tapes: "The Empath," "Is There in Truth No Beauty?," Star Trek VI
  • DVDs: Director's Editions of the first two movies
  • LP: TWoK soundtrack
  • 8-track tape cartridge: TMP soundtrack
  • Letter from George Duning, 1980, replying to my fan letter and informing me that his Star Trek materials were all archived at the USC library

I also owned at one time the Viewmaster version of "The Omega Glory" and a Star Trek Tracer Gun that shot little plastic disks.
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