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Re: Idea for New Series

I don't think anyone was bored with Trek and the direction it was taking.The principal weakness of Trek are the meandering wasted episodes such as endless holodeck episodes which just kill the audience interest. I think that was a phenomenon that begun with TNG when it was a new piece of tech that the writers enjoyed playing with which became a dull format. That got worse and worse until by the end of DS9 and Voyager there were endless rehashed episodes until they knew something had to change. Sadly their creativity was so dried up by then that Star Wars were doing prequels so they did one and ruined themselves by screwing up the entire premise. Sorry, Enterprise didn't work, that was why they kept changing the format until eventually it collapsed... audience figures were poor and it was cancelled before it made 7 series. It failed and killed the franchise. The JJ movies are NOT STAR TREK. It's an interesting movie, a guilt pleasure based on flashing lights and CGI, the plot was non-existent. It was a dumb movie and the lowest common denominator sci-fi. For Trek to really survive it needs a series to develop the characters (can't do that properly in a movie, hence rehashing old characters in a revised setting). A new series will have to be in the original universe or it's not star trek any more than a new Starsky and Hutch series would be based on the comedy spin-off movie instead of the original series. The problem was that the formula was done to death so even the writers burnt out on it... long before. So a new angle needs to be found but that's far from hard. How about a weekly episode featuring a completely different cast, each story featuring an interesting angle from guest writers and featuring only non-Starfleet people, the normal people living in the ST universe so you have a Trek version of the Twilight zone but with sci-fi replacing pure fantasy. How about taking another approach, base a series on a sub-culture such as Section 31 and SF intelligence having them fight a quiet war in secret. How about the Temporal police cleaning up damage caused by time travel accidents (lots of nice guest slots and crossovers). How about a series based on a TOS Connie which is long retired and now refitted as a commercial freighter with a crew of merchants bumming around the galaxy on the seedier side. How about a huge space opera series, one story told over the whole series, the story could be about the death of a species or the birth of a whole new form of intelligence? How about a walk through the eyes of a Star trek fan who fantasizes him/herself into the actual universe so that the story is vague about which version of reality is the real one? These are just off the top of my head. Trek isn't coming back as a cash cow because there's not enough fans left to welcome it. It needs to come back fresh and interesting and intelligent, just like TOS was and like TNG was getting to in the middle of the run. It can still work, it just needs to be given a proper chance by creative people, not studio hacks
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