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Re: I am going Down Under!

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I am so excited for Naira. Australians love to show people around and are very proud of their cities and fauna and beaches etc.. I'm hoping she has a great time and gets to see lots
This was very true in my case. Everyone at my school wanted to take me home, show me their town, give me a home cooked meal. People would just come up to my dorm room and knock on the door "I hear you're from America!".

As for vegemite....

We all arrived in Sydney, slept for a day, and then went through two days of orientation at a retreat before being sent to our respective universities. There was my first exposure to vegemite. Like most idiots from elsewhere, I treated it like peanut butter, with a nice big spread across toast. Yikes.

Definitely, thin layer with butter...delicious!
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