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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Indeed, but using the Original X-Men are still a reason why All New X-Men exists. Gillen set up Scott's redemption story perfectly for Bendis to tell even without the time travel nonsense included in Consequences.

He could have just told the "revolution" story line by itself and that would have been interesting enough. The Original X-Men are the selling point of All New X-Men (especially the "return" of Jean Grey, since Marvel and Bendis started promoting that aspect of it. Anyway, I've said from the start that the premise would make a perfect mini-series.

The Original X-Men are probably going to eventually release that they can't "fix" anything because it would disrupt their own timeline too much and be sent back with a mind wipe, pretty much making this book pointless IMO. Maybe I'm wrong, and that's okay, and perhaps this and Uncanny will eventually lead into whatever it is Marvel is planning for the X-Men's 50th Anniversary later this year.
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