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Re: All the Doctors in one.

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Is it possible the Doctor might be able, if he has the time and circumstances, to CHOOSE his next face? In that case, might he, on whimsy, CHOOSE David Morrissey's face?
There was also the Master in "Utopia", who specifically aimed for a "young and strong" body like the Doctor's.

I think the general idea (if unstated) is that in the best of circumstances Time Lords do have some level of control over their next appearance. But with his dangerous, adventurous lifestyle, the Doctor doesn't usually have the time or concentration to think about it too much, and pretty much ends up with what he ends up with.

"Still not ginger."

Yea, that's the way I've always justified it to myself. The Doctor typically regenerates from a fatal event (Bad fall, Poison, getting shot, nuked, etc)
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