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Re: The Worf & Troi romance... what are your thoughts on it?

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I was always more of a fan of Riker/Troi and Worf/Troi. I always thought that Worf and K'Ehleyr (even though it was intended) was the better and correct romantic ark for him, which didn't really last to long. But with Worf and Troi, it never really looked like a relationship in my opinion, it was more of that "you're my best friend, I'm not sure if we should go further" and he was always concerned that it was wrong and he didn't want to cause conflict between himself,Riker and Troi.
The only honorable thing to do.

One of the many cuts made to Nemesis was a short scene where Troi makes a call-back to her thing with Worf, in light of having married Riker. It reminds me how much even the production team kind of thinks, hey, it was a crazy idea that we sort of threw in there but would be perfectly happy if everybody kind of forgot about it. I don't think it was ever really 'serious' for Worf and Troi. They played with it, but I think ultimately they'd have parted company even if the time shenanigans of All Good Things hadn't got involved.
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