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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I'll finally be back home with my gaming rig next week, but was gonna hold off on resubbing until they rolled out Cathar, as that sounds like a decent race for my final class playthrough (smuggler); alas, the upcoming event (Ilum revamp) has me stoked. Between that, a new companion, warzone, space missions and an operation, I imagine I could do a month or more of endgame on 7 lv 50s without getting bored.

Not to mention good PVP gear is easer to get now. Most of my 50s are still in recruit. If I get to chose between tanking/dps sets of Recruit MK ii (instead of what I have just being replaced), I think I'll try and switch to DPSing on most toon. The free Tionese set will also get me started on hardmodes/ops in a new spec; though that content has very limited appeal to me.
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