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Memorial: What a vile episode! The big reveal at the end was just terrible. How could these aliens make people relive such awful memories? I'd have been psychologically scarred had I been in Tom, Harry, Chakotay, or Neelix's shoes. There decision to not let it shut down was very misguided. Just dreadful...
In it's defense there were some very moving scenes, and lots of intense emotion. The action scenes were well done, and the actors gave it their all.
I found it one of Voyager's best.
I didn't find it vile, I saw it as Trek's idea of a living Holocaust memorial. We see in our history books or documentaries, real pictures of how the Jews were treated and died. However unfortunately there are those in our society that choose to believe it wasn't real or wasn't as bad as they portray but you can't disbelieve an event in history if you live it. Our own modern motto for 9/11 is "Never Forget". How would you ever forget an event so tragic if you had to experience it first hand?
I think one of the greatest parts of the ep. is when Neelix was the one to speak up first to save it, cause he would be the only one on the ship to have survived a similar event. The memorial means something far greater to him. History shouldn't be forgotten for fear it will be repeated. Too live it is to learn from it.

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About Memorial, I'd agree it has a lot in common with The Inner Light, but the latter is far superior IMO. In Memorial I don't know who these aliens are, and I'm not sure why I should relate to them or care about them. Yes, it's terrible what happened to them, but without the personal touch that TNG had (meeting the community, his wife, children, etc.) the massacre doesn't move me in the same way the death of the community in The Inner Light did. By the end of the latter I knew who these people were, and I was deeply saddened to see them go. In Memorial I was just left with a sick and uncomfortable feeling. I guess in TNG's episode I thought they handled the drama and pacing much more skillfully, and overall I just preferred the brighter tone of the The Inner Light to the darker tone of Memorial.
Also, The Inner Light was a great developmental episode for Picard. He settled down, raised a family, and we were able to see what his life would have been like had he not joined Starfleet. It was very touching to watch! TNG at its absolute finest.
I disagree with this completely
"Inner Light" is a fine ep. but it's pure fairy tale fiction.
The mass genocide of a people in "Memorial" are events that have happened and continue to happen every day in several countries around the world to this day. I find "Memorial" a more realistic and relatable, especially after the events of Sandy Hook Elementary. "Memorial" was supposed to make you uncomfortable, it's about war. It's wasn't the lie that everybody dies happily in their sleep with no pain fiction that's only found in fairy tales that "Inner Light" was.
Good points. I don't disagree with your comparison of Memorial to the events of our own time, but for the reasons I gave in my last post I still think the Inner Light is he stronger of the two. Is it the more realistic of the two episodes? Maybe not, but IMO it's still a great drama that leaves me feeling optimistic and satisfied every time I watch it. Memorial is one of those episodes that I can't see myself ever watching again because it was so over the top violent and depressing. One of the reasons Trek has always appealed to me is because of it's optimistic vision of the future. Many episodes I watched left me feeling good about humanity and the direction we were heading in. This episode of course had the opposite effect. I know it was intended to be violent and uncomfortable to watch, but maybe I feel that they could have accomplished what they wanted to in this episode with less of that. I'm still mulling over this one...
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