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Re: SG-1 mobile app "Stargate Command" released today

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"Stargate Command" is now available for Android, along with the $1.99 add-on "Teal'c's Revenge".

I don't get it. I have a Galaxy Nexus, which is a pretty new and high-end phone, and it's not compatible. What, do I have to have one of the tablet versions?
From what I've read of the app's requirements and the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus is too low-end for it. According to the dev, the app requires Snapdragon S4 or higher, which basically means anything made before 2012 is out of the question.

Though going by the comments at the linked article, even having one of the newest phone models doesn't guarantee anything. Makes you wonder how thoroughly they tested the app prior to release.
Seriously?? They must not want very many people to be able to play this.
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