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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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McCoy is probably my favorite Star Trek character but I agree that it makes sense to have Uhura as a major character, it creates an interesting character dynamic, plus I think Saldana is an outstanding actress.
I agree with saldana been an outstanding actress given the right material. it still amazes me that she is Neytiti from avatar. She did all those stunt herself in the film and also pulled off the Navi accent that was made up by James Cameron.That was great too.

Neytiri vs Uhura

you decide.

However I do feel sympathy for Bones fans.
Ugh, Uhura a gazillion times. No offence to Saldana, who did an excellent job with her character, but Avatar is a horrible movie...another completely obvious wannabe scifi flick off the production line, in which James Cameron can once again beat us over the head with misguided moral platitudes.


...sorry about that.
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