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Re: Tacking Into the Wind

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I swear, seems like you can't watch any show these days without someone taking a few lines from it and drawing some parallel to suit their particular social or political agenda... can't we just take the shows at face value? If I wanted to watch social and political commentary I'd turn on a news channel. Shows like this are meant for entertainment, the news is just depressing to watch.
Uh, no. Star Trek has always, since its first episode, been about taking contemporary social and political issues and transposing them into a science fiction setting in order to comment on them rationally without the hysterical reactionism discussing them in a contemporary setting would generate. That is a part of its very point and existence, alongside all that other stuff. You're welcome to take it at face value if you want, but that doesn't mean that layer isn't there. We're not imagining it.
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